“Honest” - Jessica Alba’s Response to Hair Care Product-Related ER Visit

Jessica Alba, actress, and CEO of The Honest Company managed to turn one frightening personal incident into a new revelation that could significantly benefit consumers and expand her business interests. After a trip to the emergency room ruined a Father’s Day celebration, Alba was inspired to take action and help prevent others from suffering symptoms similar to those she had encountered. Alba had a severe allergic reaction to a “couple of hair care products everyone uses.” When released from emergency treatment, her vision remained impaired for nearly a week, and she was required to undergo a regimen of powerful antibiotics. Alba explained her thoughts at the time and summed them up by stating “this is crazy.”

“Honest” is a New Word in Hair Care

Alba introduced her Honest Hair Care line as an alternative after she experienced swollen corneas and was told by a doctor how many items could have potentially caused the reaction. The physician pointed out multiple ingredients on the bottle of hair product that resulted in the emergency room visit possibly responsible triggering her symptoms. The list included many items that were unfamiliar including one designed specifically for fragrance. Alba explained that she had often experienced watering eyes and sneezing as a reaction to other hair products but nothing comparable to the level of discomfort after using that particular product.

Knowing What is Inside our Products is the Key

According to Alba, many products currently used in the US have already been banned in Europe, and it’s hard to understand the long term effects that they will have on health. The ingredients for Honest Hair Care are designed to achieve the same results as those of other products on the market without using unfamiliar ingredients and potentially harmful substances currently unregulated during the production process. Many high profile companies currently involved in class action lawsuits have recently increased aggressive lobbying efforts to delay passage of Food and Drug Administration oversight laws. Alba seems to be leading by example with her new Honest Hair Care line.

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