Invokana Lawsuits Rise, First Trial of Alleged Amputation Set for September

The first trial resulting from an Invokana injury lawsuit in New Jersey is reportedly slated for September 2018 as the number of lawsuits filed in the District of New Jersey continues to increase.

What Exactly is Invokana?

Invokana (also referred to as “Canagliflozin”) made headlines when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2013 as a revolutionary drug for treating Type 2 diabetes. In addition to blocking the kidneys from absorbing glucose, it’s formulated as an effective SGLT2 inhibitor.

With a prescribed dosage of one pill per day, the objective was to assist the patient’s regular exercise and dietary restrictions in reducing his or her blood sugar. It was applauded upon release by doctors and patients alike. That was, of course, until the controversial downside started to emerge.

A Growing List of Side Effects and Risks

In the early stages, the company openly confirmed such side effects as genital yeast and urinary tract infections. However, the results of early clinical trials reportedly showed additional risks of heart complications. In the years that have passed since its release, manufacturers have updated the Invokana bottle labels to reference risks of bone fractures, reduced bone density and the life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis. Unfortunately, it was the extreme end of that risk spectrum that led to the overflow of cases and lawsuits filed against drug manufacturer Janssen (which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.)

How Many Lawsuits and Cases Have Been Filed?

As part of a consolidated multi-district litigation (MDL) in that district, over 1,000 cases alleging the substantial risk of lower extremity amputations suffered by patients with Invokana prescriptions have been filed. One case management order within the MDL highlights the first case group of 12 plaintiffs: half experienced kidney injuries, the other half developed diabetic ketoacidosis, but all of them actively took Invokana.

This first group of bellwether cases may serve as a good indication of how future claims will possibly be handled against the drug manufacturer.

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